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Pay for Data

Pay for Data Contracts

STS will construct and maintain any type of continuous monitoring site at our expense. We will retrieve, QA/QC and report the data in your desired format. The client only pays for data which meets the agreed upon criteria for good data. STS currently has two states working under this type of contract.

Permanent Bicycle/Pedestrian Sites

The demand for bicycle/pedestrian data is continuing to grow. STS can accurately monitor and report this type of activity at almost any location. Bicycle/pedestrian data can also be incorporated into a conventional continuous count station. Call us today, we can design and build a site to meet your specific needs and budget.

Traffic Monitoring

Continuous Traffic Monitoring Sites

STS has built over 2000 continuous traffic monitoring sites. These sites have included hardware supplied by many different companies and contain every possible sensor array. We have extensive experience with Classification, Volume, Weigh-in-Motion, and Non-Intrusive sites.

Portable Data Collection

- Classification/Speed/Volume/Gap: STS owns over 1500 event recorders. It has been proven that event recorders are much more accurate than binned recorders and data can be formatted to meet any customers needs

- Turning Movement Counts/Pedestrian Studies/Delay Studies: These type of studies are performed using a video system that was developed by STS. The "STARS" system is deployed by experienced engineering technicians and the data is processed in our main office by STS analysts.

- Manual/Radar Classification Studies: We also use the "STARS" system to collect manual classification counts at locations where radar or road tube technologies can't be used. We are using Wavetronix units at locations where length-based classification is acceptable.

- Portable Weigh-in-Motion: Using portable sensors & electronics, we have extensive experience with this task, and we are knowledgeable of the limitations involved, and of the degree of accuracy that is attainable.

Please contact our office for more information on all of our portable data collection capabilities

Engineering Services

STS is experienced in providing engineering services to many public and private sector Clients. These services include traffic engineering studies and analysis of traffic impacts, traffic operations analysis, access management studies, traffic signal warrant analysis, traffic signal system timing analysis and design, and intersection improvements. 

Calibration & Validation Services

STS conducts calibration and validation services for Weigh-In-Motion technology. We utilize our own driver and company owned equipment to ensure quality which makes scheduling easy. STS also provides comprehensive documentation for record keeping.


STS has a well developed calibration and validation procedure however, we can easily customize our program to meet your needs.

Portabe Data
​Engineering Services
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